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Introducing eMoney, a Financial Planning Beneficence for our clients!


As of this month, Financial Alternatives is rolling out a Personal Financial Management platform called eMoney for our clients. This portal will provide clients with secure access to real time values of all of their accounts across various custodians including held-away 401K accounts and liabilities such as student loans, mortgages, and credit cards.

What benefits does eMoney provide for our clients?

You can see the whole picture by logging on to just one platform

Gone is the day when you have to wait for Fidelity or Schwab’s month end statements or Financial Alternative’s quarterly reports to get an integrated look at your financial situation, from all angles and leaving no stone unturned.

You’ll no longer need to provide your bank account or liability statements for your annual review if you link the accounts in eMoney. Also, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of multiple account log ins anymore as your information will all be held in one place.

You can reduce time spent on creating a budget

eMoney isn’t just about investments.  Clients can add their bank accounts to this platform as well. Just as Mint does, you can see your checking balances and bills.

Procrastination is a huge problem when it comes to budgeting. Who wants to repeatedly track down every last bill or savings account statement? Reduce time spent on the administrative aspects and you’ll find time spent on creating your budget to be more productive.

You can access it via Smartphone or Tablet

There’s no need to worry about a lapse in communication when you’re traveling or out of the loop. eMoney is accessible from everywhere, meeting the needs of people who are constantly on the go. No need to worry – it’s secure – eMoney has 256 bit encryption.

It’s interactive

With so much in flux in our daily lives, static account values can leave a great deal out of the picture. eMoney is dynamic and will allow us to update your retirement or financial goal projections. You won’t have to wonder if what you’re seeing is truly reflective of your reality.

You can even view your own financial reports in eMoney without having to contact us and wait for the result.

Summary of eMoney Benefits

Financial Alternatives plans to roll out eMoney with clients during your next annual review meeting. It is a secure, interactive platform that allows you to see all financial data. For now, we'll use it as a budgeting/expense tracking tool and planning software that will allow us to work together more efficiently – but we’re just getting started! In the future there are additional capabilities we are considering rolling out.